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Why Convergence Hub?


Experience shows all training courses and providers are not created equal.

Some training providers push hard to be the first ones to offer the latest courses making the buzz, while others take pride in decades of experience in a technology. Many add nice promos or gifts along with great training and some others may only have the gifts as best consolation when the class goes south.
Some providers will have automated phone calls chasing you 24/7, while some may not even bother to return your requests for information. Some are great for live online training, others could be great in a conventional classroom setting only. Some can roll out 100s of classes all over the country, while some may offer you the best private or customized training solution. And in this mix there are indeed providers who are best in what they do.

Then there are some core factors that influence the delivered training – instructors, real world experience, labs, equipment, courseware, training resources, customer service, proven track record etc.

A great school that delivered your class for one technology/ course may not necessarily be your best choice for another course! Similarly a school not even on your radar, could be best one in the industry for the specific course you want.

Convergence Hub partners with carefully chosen training providers of repute, for their demonstrated expertise and consistent track record of delivered training experience - in specific technology and specializations in demand. We promise to bring you only the best training course options available – at no additional cost to you!

Have learning goals, budget guidelines and limited training days to spare? You need a training solution that succeeds - the first time, each time.

Give us a chance before you make your next training purchase, we will find the best class experience you rightfully deserve.

Now you have a friend in the training industry!

What we do

1Training That Works!
We only offer best course options from leading training providers with proven performance record.
2 Quality Experience
In the business of training, training is the business. Toys and discounts are all good but we focus on finding you the classes with best training experience.
3 No Additional Cost
We save you time, effort and money at no additional cost to you. Call us before you purchase your next training, you will be pleasantly surprised with what we can do for you.